Hello! I’m Patricia, and that’s my corner of my ideas. I am a 25-year-old graduated from School of Journalism and Communication in Oregon. Currently, I am working as a freelancer, the author of a novel, irresistibly in love with literature, writing, travelling and food. This is a brief description. I do not like long descriptions anyway.

Journalism has brought me to meet many people, travel to different places and share with the rest of the world what is happening on another side of the world. While travelling, I love trying new food. I love food. Cooking is another hobby of mine. It’s fun to taste new food.

What is a blog of ideas about?

For all the things that happen to me and about which I want to write. About the flourish books I’m going to convince you to read, interesting people, and events I attend. About studying, career, travelling, cooking, fun, happy or sad happenings. An online journal about what I see and hear around me. I put them all in this blog.

And for those who want to know who I am talking about … I would be delighted. Just come and visit my blog.